Afterschool Tennis Fun

A day of school leaves the child mentally exhausted. With our afterschool tennis program, they can unwind, let loose, and learn how to play tennis - all while having loads of fun!
Enroll your child for a session and watch them transform into athletic and active players with impeccable motor skills, enhanced fitness, and a friendly, social personality.
Get your champ into tennis training today!

The Beginner’s Club

Whether your child has been accustomed to the tennis racket after a few games with you or is entering the court for the first time ever, we've got it handled.
Our beginner’s afterschool program is for children aged 5-10 years and is tailor-designed to be a foundation-level tennis course.
The MPSC Academy coaches begin with grip and hand-eye coordination and build their way to match play as your child progresses.
Learn about your child’s success with our consistent feedback. Watch your child become a tennis champ in days!

The Higher Level Play

Has your child been playing tennis for long and now aspires to take their game up a notch?
Our higher-level afterschool program is designed for accustomed tennis players aged between 10-18 years who want to play organized tennis and possibly go pro in the future.
Learn from the best coaches in China through intense physical training with state-of-the-art facilities.
Build skills with competitive match and point play and tennis drills. Improve stamina with gym runs and exposure to other sports.
Help your child unlock their potential and train into a professional tennis player with a bright future in the tennis arena.

Groom Your Child To Become Their Best, Sporty Self

The MPSC Tennis Academy afterschool tennis program is built keeping children in mind.
It includes fun games and drills with safe equipment and age-appropriate, PTR-approved tennis balls to help your child learn, play, and grow.
Enroll your child to expose them to a unique experience. Help them get the exposure they require to succeed in the competitive world of academia and sports.
A day of afterschool, sporty fun can equate to a future of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Begin your child’s journey today.

Begin your
journey to greatness

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