Play The Game The Right Way

Tennis is a beautiful sport. Period.
Players serve their best – in match and attitudes – without any supervision, referee, or umpire.
The sheer sportsman etiquette and performance on the court is exactly what makes tennis so unique.
Together, let's train and play the 'right' way.

General Guidelines

At MPSC Tennis Academy, we want you to put your best self forward to master the art of tennis.
Note the following information when planning to visit:


9 am to 10 pm


7 days a week


All equipment is available on the spot. You can also use our ProShop to any equipment you want.


Pets are allowed

Be Respectful:

Respect other players and staff members

Cell Phones:

Keep your phones silent when in the court

Court Rules
  • You can only reserve the courts for singles or doubles.
  • Do not scream, shout, yell, or use a harsh tone when on the court.
  • Do not bring any food items or beverages on the court, except water and sports drinks.
  • Avoid littering the court.
  • Refrain from jumping over nets.
  • Do not bring bikes, skates, skateboards, or other similar items onto the courts.
  • Cross occupied courts in-between game points, instead of during one.
  • If your ball bounces onto another court, do not intervene between points to retrieve the ball.
  • Play safe to prevent any injuries to yourself or other players.
The Most Important Rule

We swear by this guideline and hope all members abide by it:
Always have fun!
While there are several rules, having fun remains top on the list of Dos.
We look forward to having you on the courts in top spirit!

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