MPSC Tennis Academy Stands Strong In The Fight Against Covid-19

MPSC Tennis Academy Stands Strong In The Fight Against Covid-19

Our Tennis Academy – A Safe Haven

We are proud to state that the MPSC Tennis Academy in Dongguan strives to be a safe zone during the pandemic.

Our protocols include frequent sanitization of the courts and sports equipment, availability of hand sanitizers and washing stations, as well as a well-trained staff on Covid regulations.

Throughout the pandemic, most tennis activities have been held outdoors, and the same continues unless raining.

We maintain high standards of health and safety and remain uncompromising on their implementation.

The Prevention Plan

While the circumstances have become better, MPSC Tennis Academy stays on its toes regarding Covid prevention.

  • Aligned with China’s Zero-Covid policy, we encourage the wearing of masks, especially when indoors.
  • We discourage sharing of equipment including rackets and gloves.
  • Social distancing protocols continue to be followed.
  • Players are encouraged to bring items such as towels and water bottles to avoid unnecessary contact.

Stay safe. Stay protected. Stay healthy!

Help Us Fight Against Covid-19

In such times, your assistance will give us the power to tackle the pandemic with greater might. If unwell, stay at home and take all necessary precautions and/or medication as required. If you feel ill at any time during the court, let the nearby staff know immediately and maintain physical distance. They will guide you to our medical facility for a checkup. Let’s join hands to fight this pandemic – together as one.

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