Our Backbone

While the staff at MPSC Tennis Academy remains its heart and soul; our esteemed partners have been our backbone in bringing tennis to China.
Our journey began in 2014 when most people in the region were unaware of what tennis even was.
Today, almost a decade later, we have over 3000 clients, and a fan following of tennis enthusiasts surpassing generations.
Much of our success is credited to our reputable partners.



Our primary equipment supplier since 2016, Yonex has sponsored numerous training and helped create several tennis pros in Dongguan, China.

Tennis Center Serbia

Our esteemed partner in Eastern Europe, Tennis Center Serbia has been our gateway to the world with a state-of-the-art facility for our Serbian Tennis Camps


MPSC is one of the supporters of ‘FILA CTJ-600 TOUR’ where seasons of tournaments will be held in our campuses.


Dongguan Polytechnic

MPSC is privileged to support the on-going project of an international tennis academy constructed Dinamo Tennis Academy (Pančevo, Serbia) and Dongguan Polytechnic upon the city diplomacy DONGGUAN SISTER CITY LINK 2021.

Guangdong Vocational Institute of Sports.

A solid collaboration with the university built the appointed MPSC-GVIS external internship and training base for students, with our top quality and highly reputed training faculty.

TLC International School

Promotional and extracurricular collaboration between the two institutes has enlightened thousands of children benefiting a life term development with global culture at the very early stage.


Our financial partner offers specialised funds and service for the families finance.

Governmental and Public Organisation

MPSC has been devoted to featuring the Dongguan tennis culture for years, bringing, promoting and constructing the tennis community for the city with a Match Point’s aesthetics, which magnificently contributes to the evolution of the tennis and recreation industry under the leadership of Dongguan government.

Dongguan Bureau of Foreign Affairs

Dongguan Radio & TV Station

Dongguan Daily

Become A Part Of The Tennis Revolution In China

Do you sense any connection between your line of work and ours?
If your work is similar to the companies above, or you simply want to play a role in bringing tennis into China and beyond, reach out to us.
With a combined vision, we can partner to take tennis global and change thousands of lives across the globe.

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