Become A World-Class Tennis Player

Unlock your full potential and take your passion for tennis to full throttle.
Become a part of the MPSC Full-Time Tennis program and train according to a competitive curriculum with the best coaches in the country.
Maximize your skills, achieve your goals, and enter the tennis world – like a force worth reckoning.

Go To College or Go Pro

Embracing full-time tennis opens two golden pathways:
1 - A shining college degree through the sports scholarship route

2 - Entry into the professional world of tennis.

Our full-time tennis semester program is built for both. Indulge in tactical training, physio, point play, and match play. Become a stronger, more agile, smarter player, on and off the court.

Receive progress reports and know where you stand according to your long-term strategy.

From university placements to making it into the national team, the sky is your limit at MPSC Academy.
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A Program Purpose-Built Just For You

Enroll in our full-time program and receive training from professional coaches.
Opt for any of the two options:
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Fulltime 5


Dive into a competitive tennis world and train alongside budding athletes like yourself. Enhance your skills, learn teamwork, and foster friendly relations to gain the kick you need to ace the game of tennis.


Pursue independent study for a thorough and customized approach to learning tennis. Learn on your terms, on your days and timings, with the coach of your choosing. Understand your pain points, train, and excel.

Get Personalized Tennis Training in China

Do you hope to foster and grow your passion for tennis in China and beyond?

With MPSC Academy, enroll in a program today, in a group or individually, and become a pro with the racket.

Train like a professional from the get-go. Our coaches assign you a developmental plan, direction, and timely milestones to meet. Know your goals and learn from real-time feedback via progression checkpoints.

Become the tennis player you aspire to be – Nadal, Federer, Williams, or Yourself.

Begin your journey at MPSC Academy.

Begin your
journey to greatness

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