MPSC Professional Tennis Program

Skill, agility, and technique - tennis is a sport that requires players to push their limits. When it comes to the professional, the stakes go up a notch.
At MPSC academy, our professional tennis program prepares players to compete at the highest level!
Partner with us on your pro journey!
Enroll your child for a session today and watch them transform into athletic and active players with impeccable motor skills, enhanced fitness, and a friendly, social personality.

Enjoy Full-Time Pro Support

Whether your child has been accustomed to the tennis racket after a few games with you or is entering the court for the first time ever, we've got it handled.
A professional tennis player’s life is tennis. At MPSC, we look after each aspect of a professional’s life to ensure the highest results.

From their routine and diet outside the court to training and performance on the court, our coaches monitor every detail and tailor a plan according to our players’ needs.

Our program caters to professionals preparing for tournaments and those looking to stay game-ready during the off-season.

Make speed, strength, and stamina a part of your lifestyle! Have a team of professional tennis coaches on your team!

Become Faster, Stronger, and Sharper

The professional circuit has no shortage of tennis players with immense potential.

How can you make sure you’re better than the competition?

By training harder and smarter! The MPSC Professional program involves rigorous, high-intensity physical training as well exercises that help you develop tactics and think on your feet.

Enhance your technique, add agility to your movement and balance to your footwork, and train your mind to think and adapt within split seconds!

Take Your Tennis Game To The Next Level

Ready to up your game and make your mark in the professional tennis arena?

Meet the team behind MPSC’s professional program and get ready for some intense tennis training!

Begin your
journey to greatness

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