MPSC Goes International

International exposure in the game of tennis grooms budding athletes to become better sportsmen – on and off the court.
What better way to strengthen your foothold in the tennis world than by training in a facility set up by the superstar, Novak Djokovic, himself?

Train In The Homeland of the World's Top ATP Player

A beautiful country and homeland to Djokovic, Serbia has a rich history, breathtaking architecture, and a climate that proves the best for tennis training.

MPSC Academy runs its tennis camp from July to August in the Tennis Center Novak, built by Djokovic in 2009 and consisting of 14 courts, 11 of them being clay.

Train under the shining legacy of the tennis maestro in a gorgeous location by our professional, internationally licensed coaches.

Enjoy State-of-the-Art Facilities

Featuring some of the nicest indoor hard courts in the region, the Tennis Center is equipped with a fantastic gym, therapy rooms, and entertainment mediums.

Become a part of our Serbian Campers group and partake in two tennis lessons a day with hardcore training – tactical, mental, and physical.

Acing a game of tennis requires mental and bodily agility, and our coaches help you work your way towards it with the best equipment and methods.

While our comfortable accommodation keeps you well-rested to give your best performance.

Take Your Game To The Next Level In Belgrade

Standard summer camps simply train you in tennis. At MPSC Tennis Academy, we groom you to be your best, sporty self.
Learn to grip, coordinate hand-eye, serve, run, and play, all in 2 months at the best tennis camp of your life. Simultaneously, enjoy the sights in Belgrade, tour the region, and learn the language.
Grow – as a player, a sportsman, and an individual.
All it takes is one summer in our Serbian Tennis Camp to change your perception of tennis and the world.

Begin your
journey to greatness

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